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Hydrogen Power from Bacteria

In the desperate search for renewable energy sources scientists are turning to bacteria to more efficiently produce hydrogen. Hydrogen has long been touted as a potential wonder fuel for cars and other energy needs. However, the majority of hydrogen production has been relegated to ...

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Freeplay Foundation Begins Bringing CleanTech to All

As we Ecogeeks ogle our ever-expanding supply of fancy gadgets and even fancier chargers it’s hard to imagine a life without these lux comforts.  How could I run 3 miles without my Ipod to distract me?  Do you really expect ...

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Army Sponsoring Bat-Like, 6-inch, Solar Spy Plane

Imagine a six-inch spy plane that sends back visual and chemical data in real time, runs on vibrations as well as sun and wind power – and looks like a bat! Thanks to a five-year $10-million grant from the Army ...

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A Vertical Farm on Skid Row

 Few green spaces exist around Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.  Grimy gray buildings, tents of the homeless, and barbed wire fences are the most frequent sights. Grocery stores and vegetable markets are rare because quickie marts and liquor stores monopolize ...

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When Buildings Die: How to Deconstruct Instead of Demolish

What happens when a building dies (aka is abandoned)? In most cases it’s demolished and tons of usable lumber, bricks, and metal become trash in our landfills. According to the reuse advocacy website Waste to Wealth,“The construction and demolition (C&D) industry ...

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