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Replanting Hope

Bad news and the environment seem to be intimate bedfellows these days. Eco news is filled with stories of environmental waste and habitat destruction caused by companies like Unilever and Exxon Mobile. With all this negativity it’s easy to forget ...

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A Gorgeous Review

 The patchouli scented, hemp wearing, hippie image of the eco girl is getting a serious makeover thanks to Sophie Uliano. Sophie is the author of the Oprah endorsed tome Gorgeously Green, which guides women through an eight-step process to become ...

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A few months back I had to get rid of an all-in-one office printer, VCR (yes I still had it), and a laptop computer. When I couldn’t find anyone to take these non-working items I stealthily dropped them off at ...

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Summer Viewing

For those needing inspiration over the long summer months, look no further! An Inconvenient Truth is not the only green movie option available to stoke your fire. Here are six movies which will encourage you to get off the couch ...

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Green Crude

Sapphire Energy, a San Diego based company, announced last month it can convert algae into oil, and estimates their green biofuel could be ready for full consumer production in five years. Sapphire claims the algae gasoline and diesel will have ...

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It’s Happening

Spoiler Alert: “The Happening” You have been Warned! “What if nature one day turned on us?” That was M. Night Shyamalan’s thesis for his new film “The Happening.” The movie revolves around science teacher Elliot Moore, played by Mark Wahlberg, ...

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