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Outtakes from the Reader’s Digest Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to be paired with a Vanity Fair/Rolling Stones photographer “Robert” for the Reader’s Digest shoot. Like me, he was a little skeptical about us pulling off the Reader’s Digest photo – he was best known for crucifying Farrah Fawcett on Hollywood Blvd with Saran Wrap and I, never having worn a scarf or a pearl choker, am more known for knee high black boots, jeans, and snarky attitude.

Fast forward to this, somewhat, brilliant idea of doing a boring normal shoot and then a more fun pin up type shoot as a salute to my grandfather who served in WWII (and truth be told loved him a good pinup – though that’s creepy that I was going to duplicate that but…never mind). Robert claimed that we had to push it really far to get Reader’s to accept a somewhat normal pin up shot.  I’ve included the “push it really far” pics which were certainly not going to make the Reader’s publication, but it would have made the magazine a hell of a lot more fun if they had. I’ve included my internal commentary under each photo because I can’t shut up.

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  1. Hi again Raegan, Rick here again….we exchanged emails several times back when your Readers Digest story was published..it was fun chatting with you. It had been awhile since I visited your site…so I thought I’d visit again and see what you were up to. lol I can see…your working on another career to add to the other three….You haven’t missed your calling….you should add “modeling” lol…you look terrific and “Robert” took some great pic’s. Thanks again, your friend…Rick 🙂

  2. Now I understand because the flowers are so beautiful, they are inspired by your beauty and sweet.

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