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Volunteer Journal #70 – Cut Hair 4 Cancer Patients

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I cut my hair for charity. Again.

To be quite honest, this haircut…  It was kind of an emotional decision.  Don’t get me wrong – cutting your hair for charity is always a good idea. Always. However…

Unlike the last haircut, which I anticipated for a year, this one came out of…  Well, it happened after a particularly rough holiday season.

Oh, I told everyone it was a professional decision.  I was working with a girl with gorgeous long red locks, comedian Virginia Collins, on a project and I wanted us to be different. Sure.

But truth is I was trying to start over at the beginning of the year, like many people, so I chopped my hair. For a good cause.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths were the recipients this time.  They offer wigs to women suffering hair loss during chemotherapy at no cost.  Real hair wigs are expensive and many women suffering from cancer can’t afford them. Pantene partnered with the American Cancer Society for this project and to date they’ve donated 18,000 wigs.

It’s so easy to donate hair to charity it feels like it shouldn’t be volunteering.

Hiding my face so you can see beautiful shiny hair cut. Or just hiding face.

8 inches is the minimum required.  Pantene’s program does not accept permanently colored, bleached, or chemically treated hair, but luckily semi-permanent dyed red hair is fine. Click here to read more on Donation Requirements.

On cut day I went to my stylist and friend for the last 6 years Sheena Rush.  Sheena made sure my hair was straight and braided in a ponytail secured at the top and bottom.  Then she chopped a little over 8 inches off.

I got mixed reviews on the new short do, a few people offered a “Don’t worry, it will grow back.”

Right when I was beginning to feel like my decision was faulty and even a bit self-indulgent my girlfriend Kara put it into perspective, “I remember when my mom got her wig after chemo.  It was such a big deal to her. It was so great after she had felt so bad.”

I like the new short hair. I like what it represents for everyone, me included, it’s a new beginning.

To see if you qualify for one of the wigs call The American Cancer Society Wig Bank at 1-877-227-1596.

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  1. I used to volunteer quite a bit in Seattle. Unfortunately the program I volunteered with isn’t there anymore. I am glad this dare was brought back up because it made me realize that I wasn’t volunteering anymore. I had been so focused on my job and school for the past year. I am glad that I have something to give me that extra shove to get out there and volunteer again. I was searching, emailing, and calling people to find a place but still haven’t heard back. I am currently waiting on replies from my emails. I am still searching!

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