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Volunteer Journal #71 – FreeRice.com

Shhhhh… I’m Volunteering from The Couch!

Do you like video games?  Do you want to volunteer but don’t want to leave the couch?

Great! I have an activity for you. Go to www.FreeRice.com

FreeRice.com is the Official Winner* of:

  • Volunteering Made Easy
  • Best Way to Stay Seated and Volunteer
  • I Made the World A Better Place While Procrastinating at Work
  • Can I Report These Community Service Hours to My Parole Officer?

And possibly…

All kidding aside – go play any of the fun trivia games on FreeRice.com. I am partial to the original vocabulary game.

For every right answer FreeRice.com gives 10 grains of rice to The World Food Programme. 10 grains might not seem like a lot but it adds up.  To date they’ve donated almost 100 billion grains. They’re around 95 billion – time to pitch in and help reach a big even number.

I’ve been playing FreeRice for years and can’t believe I never thought of it as volunteering, but now that I’ve done 70 different volunteer activities – this totally counts.

Make yourself smart. There’s an SAT prep game for High School Kids! Feed The Hungry! JUST DO IT !!!!!!

*Made up categories by TheGoodMuse

** Not confirmed

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  1. I really enjoy volunteering it can be hard work at times but its also enjoyable and very rewarding. You meet so many wonderful people! This is my way to give back.

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