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ANovelQuest.com Features TheGoodMuse Story

IMG_0568Ms. Monique Muro, Writer, young renaissance woman writes about me! stating:

“This is the very first post in a weekly feature called the Passion Series…enjoy!

Raegan Payne is on a mission: volunteer for 100 charities by the end of 2013. (And I thought my quest was intense.)

Perhaps the first sentence that caught my eye upon reading this lovely lady’s blog was in her About section: “In the coming years Raegan sets her sights on writing more stuff and someday being cool.”

I love it. She’s a writer, like me. We cyber bonded. Okay the bonding was…”Read Full Article on ANovelQuest.com

Seriously – go read it – she’s a fun writer and give her some love! Twitter and Love that stuff! So sayth me Raegan TheGoodMuse

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