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I’m Keynote Speaker at Maryland Non-Profits Conference

Great news!

PETA showerI will be the Keynote Speaker at Maryland NonProfits Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD on November 5th.

Because I love comics we’re taking a look at superheroes, real and imaginary:

“I’m an award-winning playwright. A blogger.  I’m supposed to be a master of wordplay.  Well, lets pretend shall we. Lets pretend I’m a wordsmith.  What does that mean? Technically nothing. Because words are empty, they are never enough.  Words are simply muses.  They whisper ideas.  Just ghosts meant to inspire action, but not be an action in and of themselves.  In today’s digital world perhaps we misjudge the power of words. As Shonda Rhimes recently said during her Dartmouth commencement address, ‘A hashtag is not a movement.  A hashtag does not make you Dr. King.'” 

“So what does make you Dr. King?  How can you inspire thousands and create a movement for good?  How in fact do you become a superhero when words are not enough?”

We’re going to have a great time figuring it out! Hope to see you there.


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