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Save the Monarch!

One of my Monarch butterflies. I have named him Horace.


I have successfully domesticated a Monarch butterfly on accident.

So far I have raised 5 that I know of from caterpillar to adult and I have 4 new green chrysalis developing as I type.

I bought a second milkweed to accommodate their growing appetites. (Note, though they will strip a plant bare new leaves grow in a couple of weeks.) Also I am about to buy some lady bugs to eat the aphids that eat the milkweed. It’s a little patio jungle people. The circle of life.

This hobby has been so much fun and it’s so easy because all you have to do is keep a low maintenance milkweed alive. Monarch populations are crashing from lack of milkweed and climate change messing with their migration. A patio plant helps them greatly. And they are cute.

For more info on raising your own Monarchs go here: http://www.flightofthebutterflies.com/life-cycle/


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