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Volunteer Journal #105 – Save the Monarch!

One of my Monarch butterflies. I have named him Horace.


Yes, this little volunteering project is not with an organization. It more… just happened after I learned about the plight of Monarch Butterflies after watching the documentary “Flight of the Butterflies,” which might or might not have made me cry like a baby.

Anyway, this project is super easy, all it requires is the inexpensive purchase of milkweed seeds or plants (in appropriate Monarch zones) and plant maintenance. And with those simple steps, magic can happen…

“I have successfully domesticated a Monarch butterfly on accident.

So far I have raised 5 that I know of from caterpillar to adult and I have 4 new green chrysalis developing as I type.

I bought a second milkweed to accommodate their growing appetites. (Note, though they will strip a plant bare new leaves grow in a couple of weeks.) Also I am about to buy some lady bugs to eat the aphids that eat the milkweed. It’s a little patio jungle people. The circle of life.

This hobby has been so much fun and it’s so easy because all you have to do is keep a low maintenance milkweed alive. Monarch populations are crashing from lack of milkweed and climate change messing with their migration. A patio plant helps them greatly. And they are cute.”

For more info on raising your own Monarchs go here: http://www.flightofthebutterflies.com/life-cycle/


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