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Volunteer Journal #106 – My Black Belt Kittens

Momma cat and kittens

I was overjoyed to foster a family of black kittens during the Halloween holiday season – a momma and her 6 BABIES!!!

Black cats are least likely to be adopted because… I don’t know… people are superstitious or idiotic. ¬†Whatever the reason, not only are black cats less likely to be adopted, but they have to be pulled out of shelters during the Halloween because (and this is true) people are the worst and some humans are psychos who will hurt black cats around the holiday.

To those assholes hurting black cats – I’m pretty sure that’s a way to get yourself cursed for all eternity.

Anyway, I digress, my kitten family was perfect and precious and they got so big so fast. Also, because I had so many I didn’t know what to call them, but luckily 5 of my friends had tested for black belt the day before, so they were named after the new black belts and their trainers: Setsuko, Mirsuko, Thilo, Arnold, Karen, Ben and Matsuoka. My little team of black belt kittens.

If you want one of these beautiful cats they will be available for adoption from NKLA around the end of November.

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